Saturday, June 16, 2007

Buongiorno, notte (Good Morning, Night)

Buongiorno, notte (Good Morning, Night) is an Italian film released in 2003 and directed by Marco Bellocchio. The title of the feature film, Good Morning, Night, is taken from a poem by Emily Dickinson.

[edit] Plot
A small group comprising members of the Red Brigades rent an apartment. They kidnap Aldo Moro, former prime minister of Italy and leader of the Democrazia Cristiana (Christian democracy) party. Moro writes many letters to politicians, Pope Paul VI, and his family, but the Italian government refuses to negotiate. A female member of the group suffers doubts about the plan.

Bellocchio had in 1995 already directed a documentary about the Red Brigades and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. It was entitled Sogni infranti (Broken Dreams).

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